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G4INCL::RootFinder 네임스페이스 참조


class  Solution


Solution solve (RootFunctor const *const f, const G4double x0)
 Numerically solve a one-dimensional equation. 더 자세히 ...

함수 문서화

Solution G4INCL::RootFinder::solve ( RootFunctor const *const  f,
const G4double  x0 

Numerically solve a one-dimensional equation.

Numerically solves the equation f(x)==0. This implementation uses the false-position method.

If a root is found, it can be retrieved using the getSolution() method,

fpointer to a RootFunctor
x0initial value of the function argument
a Solution object describing the root, if it was found 파일의 118 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

다음을 참조함 : G4INCL::RootFunctor::cleanUp(), INCL_DEBUG, G4INCL::Math::sign(), x, x1, x2, y, y1, y2.

다음에 의해서 참조됨 : G4INCL::InteractionAvatar::enforceEnergyConservation(), G4INCL::ParticleEntryChannel::particleEnters(), G4INCL::INCL::rescaleOutgoingForRecoil().