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G4INCL::NuclearPotential 네임스페이스 참조


class  INuclearPotential
class  NuclearPotentialConstant
class  NuclearPotentialEnergyIsospin
class  NuclearPotentialEnergyIsospinSmooth
class  NuclearPotentialIsospin


INuclearPotential const * createPotential (const PotentialType type, const G4int theA, const G4int theZ, const G4bool pionPotential)
 Create an INuclearPotential object. 더 자세히 ...
void clearCache ()
 Clear the INuclearPotential cache. 더 자세히 ...

함수 문서화

void G4INCL::NuclearPotential::clearCache ( )

Clear the INuclearPotential cache. 파일의 102 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

다음을 참조함 : e.

다음에 의해서 참조됨 : G4INCL::INCL::~INCL().

INuclearPotential const * G4INCL::NuclearPotential::createPotential ( const PotentialType  type,
const G4int  theA,
const G4int  theZ,
const G4bool  pionPotential 

Create an INuclearPotential object.

This is the method that should be used to instantiate objects derived from INuclearPotential. It uses a caching mechanism to minimise thrashing and speed up the code.

typethe type of the potential to be created
theAmass number of the nucleus
theZcharge number of the nucleus
pionPotentialwhether pions should also feel the potential
a pointer to the nuclear potential 파일의 70 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

다음을 참조함 : G4INCL::ConstantPotential, INCL_FATAL, G4INCL::IsospinEnergyPotential, G4INCL::IsospinEnergySmoothPotential, G4INCL::IsospinPotential.

다음에 의해서 참조됨 : G4INCL::Nucleus::Nucleus().