Geant4  v4-10.4-release
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Functions which are containers for, or functions


class  c2_classic_function_p< float_type >
 a container into which any conventional c-style function can be dropped, to create a degenerate c2_function without derivatives. Mostly useful for sampling into interpolating functions. construct a reference to this with c2_classic_function() 더 자세히 ...
class  c2_const_ptr< float_type >
 create a container for a c2_function which handles the reference counting. It is useful as a smart container to hold a c2_function and keep the reference count correct. The recommended way for a class to store a c2_function which is handed in from the outside is for it to have a c2_ptr member into which the passed-in function is stored. This way, when the class instance is deleted, it will automatically dereference any function which it was handed. 더 자세히 ...
class  c2_cached_function_p< float_type >
 A container into which any other c2_function can be dropped.It allows a function to be pre-evaluated at a point, and used at multiple places in an expression efficiently. If it is re-evaluated at the previous point, it returns the remembered values; otherwise, it re-evauates the function at the new point. 더 자세히 ...
class  c2_inverse_function_p< float_type >
 create the formal inverse function of another functionfor example, given a c2_function f 더 자세히 ...
class  c2_piecewise_function_p< float_type >
 create a c2_function which is a piecewise assembly of other c2_functions.The functions must have increasing, non-overlapping domains. Any empty space between functions will be filled with a linear interpolation. 더 자세히 ...

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