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Geant4_SoPolyhedron 클래스 참조

#include <Geant4_SoPolyhedron.h>

Geant4_SoPolyhedron에 대한 상속 다이어그램 :

Public 멤버 함수

 Geant4_SoPolyhedron ()
 Geant4_SoPolyhedron (const G4Polyhedron &)
 Geant4_SoPolyhedron (G4Polyhedron *)
virtual void generateAlternateRep ()
virtual void clearAlternateRep ()

정적 Public 멤버 함수

static void initClass ()

Public 속성

SoSFBool solid
SoSFBool reducedWireFrame
SoSFNode alternateRep

Protected 멤버 함수

virtual void computeBBox (SoAction *, SbBox3f &, SbVec3f &)
virtual void generatePrimitives (SoAction *)
virtual void doAction (SoAction *)
virtual ~Geant4_SoPolyhedron ()

Private 멤버 함수

 SO_NODE_HEADER (Geant4_SoPolyhedron)
 Geant4_SoPolyhedron (const Geant4_SoPolyhedron &)
Geant4_SoPolyhedronoperator= (const Geant4_SoPolyhedron &)

Private 속성


상세한 설명

SoPolyhedron is an Inventor encapsulation of the G4Polyedron class written by E.Chernyaev. In particular SoPolyhedron permits to represent boolean operations over solids. To avoid clashes with other libraries (Geant4) where the G4Polyhedron classes may be found, the G4Polyhedron (through usage of CPP macros) had been renamed G4Polyhedron in the HEPVis lib. The solids are modeled with G4Polyedron objects. The G4Polyhedron permits to produce a new G4Polyhedron according to the boolean operation done on them. The resulting G4Polyhedron is then given to an SoPolyhedron for rendering. Note that a boolean operation could be rendered in wire frame by drawing the contour of the resulting solid (not by drawing the wire frame of a triangulation). See the applications/Polyhedron example.

Geant4_SoPolyhedron.h 파일의 54 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

생성자 & 소멸자 문서화

Geant4_SoPolyhedron::Geant4_SoPolyhedron ( const Geant4_SoPolyhedron )
Geant4_SoPolyhedron::Geant4_SoPolyhedron ( )
Geant4_SoPolyhedron::Geant4_SoPolyhedron ( const G4Polyhedron )
Geant4_SoPolyhedron::Geant4_SoPolyhedron ( G4Polyhedron )
virtual Geant4_SoPolyhedron::~Geant4_SoPolyhedron ( )

멤버 함수 문서화

virtual void Geant4_SoPolyhedron::clearAlternateRep ( )
virtual void Geant4_SoPolyhedron::computeBBox ( SoAction *  ,
SbBox3f &  ,
SbVec3f &   
virtual void Geant4_SoPolyhedron::doAction ( SoAction *  )
virtual void Geant4_SoPolyhedron::generateAlternateRep ( )
virtual void Geant4_SoPolyhedron::generatePrimitives ( SoAction *  )
static void Geant4_SoPolyhedron::initClass ( )
Geant4_SoPolyhedron& Geant4_SoPolyhedron::operator= ( const Geant4_SoPolyhedron )
Geant4_SoPolyhedron::SO_NODE_HEADER ( Geant4_SoPolyhedron  )

멤버 데이타 문서화

SoSFNode Geant4_SoPolyhedron::alternateRep

Geant4_SoPolyhedron.h 파일의 62 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

G4Polyhedron* Geant4_SoPolyhedron::fPolyhedron

Geant4_SoPolyhedron.h 파일의 78 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

SoSFBool Geant4_SoPolyhedron::reducedWireFrame

Geant4_SoPolyhedron.h 파일의 61 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

SoSFBool Geant4_SoPolyhedron::solid

Geant4_SoPolyhedron.h 파일의 60 번째 라인에서 정의되었습니다.

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