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24 // ********************************************************************
25 //
27 // File: CCalHcal.hh
28 // Description: Equipped to construct the geometry of the hadron calorimeter
30 #ifndef CCalHcal_h
31 #define CCalHcal_h 1
33 #include "CCalDetector.hh"
35 class CCalHcal: public CCalDetector {
36 public:
37  //Constructor and Destructor
38  CCalHcal(const G4String &name);
39  virtual ~CCalHcal();
41  //Get Methods
42  G4String getGenMat() const {return genMaterial;}
43  double getDy_2Cal() const {return dy_2Cal;}
44  double getDx_2Cal() const {return dx_2Cal;}
45  double getXposCal() const {return xposCal;}
46  G4String getBoxMat() const {return boxMaterial;}
47  int getNBox() const {return nBox;}
48  double getDy_2Box() const {return dy_2Box;}
49  double getDx_2Box() const {return dx_2Box;}
50  double getWallThickBox() const {return wallThickBox;}
51  double getXposBox(unsigned int i) const {return xposBox[i];}
52  int getNLayerScnt() const {return nLayerScnt;}
53  int getTypeScnt(unsigned int i) const {return typeLayerScnt[i];}
54  int getMotherScnt(unsigned int i) const {return mothLayerScnt[i];}
55  double getXposScnt(unsigned int i) const {return xposLayerScnt[i];}
56  int getNLayerAbs() const {return nLayerAbs;}
57  int getTypeAbs(unsigned int i) const {return typeLayerAbs[i];}
58  int getMotherAbs(unsigned int i) const {return mothLayerAbs[i];}
59  double getXposAbs(unsigned int i) const {return xposLayerAbs[i];}
60  G4String getAbsMat() const {return absMaterial;}
61  int getNAbsorber() const {return nAbsorber;}
62  double getDy_2Abs( ) const {return dy_2Absorber;}
63  double getDx_2Abs(unsigned int i) const {return dx_2Absorber[i];}
64  G4String getScntMat() const {return scntMaterial;}
65  G4String getWrapMat() const {return wrapMaterial;}
66  G4String getPlasMat() const {return plasMaterial;}
67  int getNScintillator() const {return nScintillator;}
68  double getDy_2ScntLay(unsigned int i) const {return dy_2ScntLayer[i];}
69  double getDx_2ScntLay(unsigned int i) const {return dx_2ScntLayer[i];}
70  double getDx_2Wrap(unsigned int i) const {return dx_2Wrapper[i];}
71  double getDx_2FrontP(unsigned int i) const {return dx_2FrontPlastic[i];}
72  double getDx_2BackP(unsigned int i) const {return dx_2BackPlastic[i];}
73  double getDx_2Scnt(unsigned int i) const {return dx_2Scintillator[i];}
75 protected:
76  virtual int readFile();
77  virtual void constructDaughters();
79 private:
80  G4String genMaterial; //General material
81  double dy_2Cal; //Half width of the Hcal
82  double dx_2Cal; //Half thickness of the Hcal
83  double xposCal; //Position in mother
85  G4String boxMaterial; //Material of boxes
86  int nBox; //Number of boxes
87  double dy_2Box; //Half width of the Boxes
88  double dx_2Box; //Half thickness of the Boxes
89  double wallThickBox; //Wall thickness of the boxes
90  double* xposBox; //Position in mother
92  int nLayerScnt; //Number of scintillator layers
93  int* typeLayerScnt; //Layer type
94  int* mothLayerScnt; //Mother type
95  double* xposLayerScnt; //Position in mother
97  int nLayerAbs; //Number of absorber layers
98  int* typeLayerAbs; //Layer type
99  int* mothLayerAbs; //Mother type
100  double* xposLayerAbs; //Position in mother
102  G4String absMaterial; //Material of absorbers
103  int nAbsorber; //Number of absorber types
104  double dy_2Absorber; //Half width of the absorbers
105  double* dx_2Absorber; //Half thickness of the absorbers
107  G4String scntMaterial; //Material of Scintillator
108  G4String wrapMaterial; //Material of Wrapper
109  G4String plasMaterial; //Material of plastic cover
110  int nScintillator; //Number of scintillator types
111  double* dy_2ScntLayer; //Half width of scintillator layers
112  double* dx_2ScntLayer; //Half thickness of scintillator layers
113  double* dx_2Wrapper; //Half thickness of wrappers
114  double* dx_2FrontPlastic; //Half thickness of front plastic
115  double* dx_2BackPlastic; //Half thickness of back plastic
116  double* dx_2Scintillator; //Half thickness of scintillators
117 };
119 #endif
double getDy_2Abs() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:62
double * dx_2ScntLayer
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:112
const XML_Char * name
Definition: expat.h:151
int getNScintillator() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:67
double getDy_2Box() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:48
double * xposLayerAbs
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:100
int nLayerScnt
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:92
double getDy_2ScntLay(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:68
int getTypeAbs(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:57
int nScintillator
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:110
double dx_2Cal
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:82
double getWallThickBox() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:50
double dy_2Box
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:87
double getDx_2ScntLay(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:69
int getMotherScnt(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:54
double getDx_2Scnt(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:73
G4String boxMaterial
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:85
int nBox
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:86
int getNLayerAbs() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:56
CCalHcal(const G4String &name)
int getMotherAbs(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:58
double dy_2Absorber
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:104
double * dx_2Scintillator
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:116
double xposCal
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:83
double getDx_2Wrap(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:70
double getDx_2FrontP(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:71
double getDx_2Box() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:49
int getNLayerScnt() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:52
double dx_2Box
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:88
double * dx_2Absorber
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:105
int * typeLayerScnt
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:93
double getDx_2BackP(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:72
double getDx_2Abs(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:63
double * dx_2FrontPlastic
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:114
double getXposScnt(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:55
double getXposBox(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:51
int getTypeScnt(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:53
double * xposLayerScnt
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:95
G4String absMaterial
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:102
double getDy_2Cal() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:43
double * dx_2Wrapper
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:113
int * typeLayerAbs
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:98
double * dy_2ScntLayer
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:111
virtual ~CCalHcal()
double * xposBox
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:90
G4String getGenMat() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:42
double getDx_2Cal() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:44
double getXposCal() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:45
G4String getWrapMat() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:65
G4String getAbsMat() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:60
virtual int readFile()
G4String wrapMaterial
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:108
int * mothLayerScnt
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:94
int nLayerAbs
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:97
G4String scntMaterial
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:107
G4String getPlasMat() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:66
int getNAbsorber() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:61
double wallThickBox
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:89
double * dx_2BackPlastic
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:115
G4String plasMaterial
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:109
double getXposAbs(unsigned int i) const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:59
int getNBox() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:47
G4String genMaterial
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:80
int nAbsorber
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:103
double dy_2Cal
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:81
int * mothLayerAbs
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:99
G4String getBoxMat() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:46
G4String getScntMat() const
Definition: CCalHcal.hh:64
virtual void constructDaughters()