23-24 October 2015
Hwabaek Convention Center
Asia/Seoul timezone
The 2015 ANPhA Symposium plans to review recent progresses on the radioactive ion beam (RIB) physics and related facilities, including RAON, in Asian countries.
Takaharu Otsuka (Univ. of Tokyo): Perspectives of nuclear structure studies on exotic nuclei

Youngman Kim (RISP/IBS): Activities of nuclear physics theory at RISP

Furong Xu (Peking Univ.): Nuclear forces and applications to nuclear structure calculations

Tohru Motobayashi (RIKEN): RI beam facilities worldwide -present and future-

Weiping Liu (CIAE): Nuclear astrophysics in China and JUNA progress

Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN): Science of RIBF at RIKEN

Soonchan Jeong (RISP, IBS): Overview of Rare Isotope Science Project

Jongwon Kim (RISP, IBS): Rare isotope production systems for the RISP

Youngkwan Kwon (RISP, IBS): KOBRA for low energy nuclear physics at RISP

Young-Jin Kim (RISP, IBS): LAMPS for nuclear symmetry energy study at RISP

Kazuhiro Tanaka (KEK): Present status and future plans of J-PARC hadron experimental facility

Wen-Chen Chang (Academia Sinica): Study nucleon partonic structure at high-momentum beamline at J-PARC